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Hello world!

So here I am finally. Or am I.

Procrastinated about this for years and then when I am really busy I thought I’d add this to my list of things to do. Insanity?

Working in advertising does that to you. Insanity.

22 years later I still enjoy the business. The adrenalin rush of solving business problems with creativity. Where do we get such opportunities in any other business. Working with some large MNCs I see how they generally approach the issue of a problem. With a process.

A process to form a team. A process to define how the team will work. And at the end a document of another process that says how the problem can be tackled.

Having seen that method from up close I understand the value of it. It ensures the right people are engaged. It ensures that risks are eschewed. And it ensures that whatever solution emerges is enshrined in organisation lore. On the intranet. On emails etc.

The agency world is rather different. There is seeming chaos. Lots of people throwing themselves at the problem. Crazy/innovative dieas being thrown. Process for execution is left to the end. Budgets be damned.

While I don’t deny that execution is critical and without that an idea is useless, the excitement around idea generation is one of the prime reasons I get in to work every day.

And every day is a new problem to be solved. The variety is extensive. So it uses all the brain cells that one has. Or atleast a significant proportion more than normal. It also, I think leverages that theme from the book “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus ..that men like to solve problems…women like to vent about it.

What better place to be huh?

I have gone off on a tangent from my original point..but you will find that a recurring theme in subsequent posts.

Here’s looking forward to fairly regular post on business and life in general


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