So two unrelated events of the last few days provoked this post.

I say unrelated but there is a connection..You Tube.

The first is the famous Domino’s Pizza video. (It was on YouTube and since been removed).

Essentially it showed two Domino’s Pizza employees doing very disgusting things in the kitchen with the food they were serving to customers.

The background and subsequent Domino’s reaction is here.

This reinforces the old two points about the Web.

1. Everyone is a publisher on-line. If you have content you can put it up nearly anywhere. If you have your own blog you put it there. Or you put it up in high media trafficked sites like YouTube and Flickr. Ever since YouTube came on the scene movies have been the way to go. Remember blend-tec? It costs nothing and takes little time.

2. Everything is treated with credibility. Unlike the off-line media where there is a cynicism about it being run and managed by large corporations so many stories being ‘planted’, in the on-line world everything is viewed as true.

Add the two and it is a potential minefield for large corporations/instituitions. All it takes is a disgruntled employee or even a prankster to cook up a story and put it on-line. Instant fame and notoriety is guaranteed for both parties.

Is it a wonder that companies are scared of social media marketing? They don’t control the outcome. And who knows what maniac out there is waiting to destroy a painstakingly built company with a few sharp sentences/pictures.

Then no matter what companies do in response the damage is done.  At least for the short term. While many PR agencies make a bit of money with ‘crisis management’ strategies. Nothing wrong. We all need to make a living.

So far the strategy seems to be “Be open and honest”, “confront the facts”, “tell your version of the story”. Wonder if there is another approach?

Something in content certification perhaps? A ‘verisign’ of editorial?

Which leads me to the Susan Boyle story. You’ve all seen this by now I am sure. Here is the link for that one person who hasn’t.. .

I am not going to talk about the performance as much as the fact that yesterday I spotted a blog, yes a blog, with someone asking if it was all a set up. I can’t imagine how it could have been, but that someone could even post it on-line for others to find and start a discussion makes the point that I started off with. Everyone is a publisher. And Everyone seems to have equal credibility.

In some cases it is damaging to the brand..ask Domino’s.

Marketers whether they like it or not better have a social media strategy ready. They don’t control their on-line strategy any more. Their customers do. Their employees do.

They can either lead. Or follow. And who likes having a strategy that says “I’ll follow”.

Till next time.


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