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Do happy employees make for productive employees?

It is conventional wisdom that happy staff lead to happy customers. After all unhappy staff could not possible keep customers happy

It is also conventional wisdom that happy employees are productive employees. Who would expect that an unhappy employee could be productive.

Yet today I read two articles in completely unrelated publications that blew those hypothesis out of the water.

The first was in the latest issue of the Harvard Business Review. A couple of professors (?) conducted a survey in about 50 companies, in the US, and found correlation in only 2 companies between happy staff and happy customers. And in one, in fact they found a negative correlation!!

And a short while ago I read this post that said that negated the second assumption around happiness and productivity. That was a big surprise. The article also leads on to say that it is not happiness that leads to productivity, it is the other way round. Productive employees are happy employees.

Really? I still find it hard to believe.

Or is it an Asian thing where we wear our emotions on our sleeve. I have personally experienced in many retail environments where the person across the counter is in obviously a bad mood and would ignore me or pass on the irritation. That is no happy customer leaving the store.

Wonder if culture has a role to play in these findings.

Nevertheless, I thought the articles were interesting.


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