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Twitter’s a hit

More data suggesting that Twitter is gaining huge following. If this report is to be believed the US will double its twitterage (new word;-)) this year.

That is fantastic news.

But some other interesting facts.

Retention rate is supposed to be about 40%. So the novelty is what is attracting people. That is to be expected with a new technology I guess.

But what is really surprising is that the age group 45-54 (that is right 45 – 54) that is driving Twitter growth. That flies in the face of all previous social media ‘creations’ that are usually the domain of teens and really early twenties.

So it will be interesting to watch if the more adult nature of the usage will lead to more serious applications than a face book which is really a social hang out room. Ideas for twitter killer apps?

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  1. invisiblegaijin
    May 7, 2009 at 8:48 am

    I’m one of those middle-aged folks who are using Twitter. Tried it once, couldn’t figure it out, left. Came back about four months ago.

    I use it primarily as an outlet for my creative/humor writing about life in Tokyo.

    As a result of that focus, I’ve connected with interesting people in Japan; other writers; assorted crazy people – including many “hot, sexy, young” women who apparently have too much sex and wish to do so with me (ha-ha).

    GM of SixApart Japan asserts Twitter is a front-end for bloggers here. I agree with that but also think it’s fundamentally different way of communicating and connecting.

    As personal websites evolved into blogs, and as Facebook is replacing MySpace, Twitter will morph into something bigger. Or not.

  2. harishvasudevan
    May 7, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    Twitter is for the lazy bloggers! Who couldn’t be bothered to spend hours every week writing deep meaningless stuff :-). So it’s perfect for the ‘mature’ generation. Given that this group also has a higher disposable income than the average facebooker, I imagine there are better opportunities to monetise it. Will be interesting to watch how it evolves.

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