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Why innovation is not enough.

More data that confirms that users are unwilling to pay for content.

I think the Internet gave the huge opportunity for a bunch of people to leverage the reach and accessibility of the web to generate profits.

However practices that work off line don’t work on line.

There is a theory that when Microsoft gets into a market it actually encourages piracy. And when it believes sufficient penetration has been reached they kick in their second leg of the plan..which is the anti piracy campaign. Works well. Give stuff for free. Get consumer hooked. Get them to pay.

That model doesn’t seem to work on-line. Be it e-mail, or Facebook or the numerous blog sites that model just doesn’t seem to transfer. web users seem to be less loyal..if at all. They will move if they are asked to pay for something they are used to get for free.

It then falls upon advertisers to support the internet users. And given the huge plethora of options out there this is going to continue to be tough for many web publishers. Await the Great Consolidation.

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