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Hotel check ins

Just coming back from a trip this subject is on my mind.

So typically I catch a red eye flight into a city so that I get the whole day at work.

And return is pretty much the same.

Usually the flights I am on, are full, or at least very busy. So I am not the only one who does this.

Few years ago I did this flight to Sydney. Walk in to hotel reception and they said that check in time was 2 pm. And that is the first time I was exposed to the concept of pre booking. Which is basically pay for the night, though you don’t use it.

And in Sydney 12, (or is it 10 am?), is the check out. So if you have a late night flight, one needs to check out in the morning, before going to work and figure out a place to change during the day, if one needs to.

How customer friendly is that?

As the hotel business is under pressure with the recession, does this provide an opportunity for a bold property to offe 24 hour check in?

How useful and differentiated would that be?

I would love it.

Would save me money and be convenient to me.

As banks moved to ATMs, extended hours and Sunday working to meet changing customer needs, is it time for Hotels to revisit some of their policies?

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