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Retail in Hospitals

This morning I read an interesting article in the latest issue of the Harvard Business Review about retail in hospitals.

A couple of researchers surveyed respondents in Toronto and found that they wanted more retail outlets in hospitals. The kind of outlets referred to were banks, books, hair dressers, gifts, bags etc.

The respondents felt that besides giving them something to do while waiting, it also seemed to calm them in an otherwise tense environment. This also led them to visit these brand outlets once they were discharged because they felt a connection to the brand, coming as it did, when they were ‘down’.

Quite incredible, the possible emotional connections that brands can make with their consumers.

Of course there is a fine line between making the connection and exploiting a weak moment. And marketers are well advised to tread carefully.

Smart brands would be urged to make a bee line to the nearest hospital and negotiate space with the management to get some presence there.

Brand surround just got another angle.

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