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On-line Metrics

Recently the point about looking at old-world metrics to evaluate performance of new media was brought home very powerfully.

We had constructed a micro site for our client and the site was showing decent traffic. Everyone seemed happy.

Then thanks to Google analytics the term bounce rate popped up and that number was very unhealthy. Started off a flurry of calls and meetings on the subject and re evaluation of the micro site content and all sorts of plans were being put together.

Then in a moment of inspiration someone suggested that we look at the source of the traffic. And that spotted the problem.

As the media agency was being evaluated on the old fashioned model of maximising traffic they were buying key words that were totally irrelevant to the campaign and the micro sites itself.

Akin to  seeing an ad offering sushi, only to land at the restaurant and find they were serving fries!!

That’s what was happening.

Once we spotted the problem, our strategy changed from volume of traffic to value of traffic, and the attendant plans.

So my advice to those doing on line campaigns is

1.Don’t separate media from the message. What may work in off-line, won’t in the on-line as the problem will quickly be spotted. Do consolidated briefs that encompasses media and creative.

2. In the off-line world volume of traffic, measured by Reach, is a metric. In the on-line world it should be relevant reach. Followed by engagement.

There are more, but in keeping with the SIMPLE tone of this blog, I think the above two would make the most difference to your plans.

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