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Predicting attrition

So Google is now using their mathematical prowess to determine employees most likely to quit. Amazing.

Pulling out data from performance review, promotion and pay rise data they are trying to predice employees most likely to quit.

While I find that mind blowing in itself, a little nugget there says that employees are most likely to quit becuase they feel under used. This seems to have changed from a few years ago when employees quit because they felt un appreciated.

Wonder if it is a Google thing where employees are more inner driven ie how they feel about themselves, than other companies where employees may be outer driven ie what the boss/peers say about them. Or is it a evolution of employee psyche? If so bosses better watch out.

Engage and challenge your staff. That is more likely to keep them, than a pat on the back!

This article from WSJ has details on the Google plan.

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