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Advantages of Recession

Recently a colleague of mine parted ways with his company by ‘mutual consent’.

Reasons were part recession but mostly performance. He was seen as ‘laid back’ and ‘not aggressive’.

Over the past month he’s been telling me about his plans.

And as time has gone I am seeing such great energy in him. He is going after new business. Involved in all sorts of communications activities. Some very exciting stuff. And it has grown over time. Made me envious. I am confident that he has a very successful future ahead.

Today in a chat with him I told him that if he had done the stuff he was doing now in his job he would have still had his job, and done well. His response was ‘True. But when you work for yourself you feel a different kind of charge’

Which led me to think that in this case being pushed out of his job had given him a new lease of life.

The company had lost a potential star for any number of reasons. And he is a potential competitor to his own company.

Are there more stars in companies that are not performing and waiting to be pushed out before they start shining? What does it take to identify these stars and get them out of their comfort zone?

Companies with more advanced HR departments like P&G seem to do this well. But agencies that are more people dependent actually are far behind in this space.

Everyone does the star identification portion. Even here it is rather subjective.

But once that is done the rewards usually is monetary in some fashion.

In an earlier post I had mentioned that the top reason people leave companies is that they are under utilised.

So linking the 3 facts of :Story of a person who left and is doing exciting new things, star identification, and reason for people to leave, suggests that part of the career growth of individuals is pushing them, giving them challenges keeps them engaged and benefits the agency.

Agencies are not short of challenges so theoretically speaking this should be easy.

Thinking aloud..

(to be completed..maybe)

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