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Women and Digital

You may recall the fiasco that was della.com. If not visit www.della.com. A site created by Dell targetted specifically at women. On the face of it a good idea. But it got lambasted in the media for being sexist and treating women differently etc etc. There’s no winning these days!!!

Anyway..here’s a survey among women on their favourite Technology brand. Any guesses? Well it is no surprise that it is Apple. Seems they can do no wrong. And the second? Google.

The reason why women like Apple is because of it’s ease of use and record of innovation, driven by ipod.

Couple of highlights for me

In the younger age group Apple leads Sony by 2:1. But in the older (25-39) Apple and Sony are tied and in the 40+ Apple and Microsoft are tied for the top spot. Sony? Microsoft?

Over 40% of the people said they had bought a digital product in the last 6 months. That is HUGE. I can’t imagine another category, that has such a high recency of purchase.

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