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Changing shopping behaviour

When I was a kid and lived in a small town in India. There was a Saturday ritual. It was called ‘marketing’. That’s when we went to the market!!

First would be grocery buying. I remember groceries were broken into weekly and monthly lots. There was a logic for the break up but the next result was that we would be stocking up.

Next was vegetable buying, which perforce had to be weekly due to its perishable nature.

One of the things we’d end up having always stock of was toothpastes, toothbrushes, soaps and the ilk.  Always it would be replenished faithfully.

Even today when I go visit my parents I can bet they’d still have the same shopping pattern and the same kind of stocking pattern.

I contrast it to my home now, where it is a just in time pattern shopping. I get stuff when what I have is over or about to. Hence there is a continuous shopping pattern. It is a mind set that works around getting things when it is needed than a planned process.

Maybe the fact that the shop keeper calls every day asking if we need something contributes to it.

Maybe it is like what they say about mobile phones. That it has pushed decision making farther out. You can plan to meet for a meal and decide where 5 minutes before the time. Where as in the olden days you needed to plan every detail of the meeting.

Maybe the mobile phone generation lives just in time.

Or maybe it is just my house.

How about you?

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