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Top 10 creative people in advertising and marketing

A list, like all lists it is subjective, of the Top 10 minds.

There is 1 client, 1 Planner, the rest are from the Creative function.

More than half are founders of their agency. Does that suggest that people need to be on their own to be creative? Freed from the shackles of corporatedom. While some of the names have ended up being a network, they have managed to retain their soul.

I imagine starting a shop and going after creativity is tough enough. But doing it on a global scale is the greater challenge and these people need to be applauded.

Here is the list

2. Lee Clow, Global director of media arts, TBWA\Worldwide

3. Jeff Goodby, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

4. Dan Wieden, Co-founder, Wieden + Kennedy

5.Robert Greenberg, CEO and global chief creative officer, R/GA

6. Michael Francis, CMO, Target Corp

7. Robert Saville & Mark Waites, Co-founders/Co-Creative Directors, Mother/London

8. Paul Woolmington, Founding Partner, Naked Communications

9. Greg Hahn, Executive Creative Director, BBDO

10. Noah Brier, Head of Strategy, Barbarian Group

Guess Number 1. Or click here.

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