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Do product placements work?

You know by now about a trend that picked up a few years ago around product placements.

Usually in movies.

This survey talks about the value of these placements.

While a third of respondents found them annoying, the impact on decision making is exceedingly low.

The category that has the greatest influence is groceries at 15%.

If one goes by the stated responses it seems like it is wasted investment. But the research is flawed and doesn’t evaluat impact on brand preference or even just salience.

Seeing Simon Cowell drinking Coke on American Idol may not drive people to go buy a Coke immediately, but it has a subliminal impact on brand image.

Research that tries to get consumers to justify everything is flawed to the extreme, because we are irrational to the extreme. I can’t justify why I wore my blue shirt this morning for instance.

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