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I have been part of many opt in programs.

With the growth of email everyone wants to build their email database . In a hurry.

The most common method I have seen is the one where there is a reward to sign up. A free lap top, a holiday, vouchers. etc

And of course it is a quick way to build up the database.

And guess what they also opt out rather quickly.

This survey says two thirds sign off because they thought the content was irrelevant.

Not surprising is it? They signed up for a freeebie. They left once they got what they want it. Databases gained in this fashion are really low quality.

I was part of a team that ran an outstandingly successful opt in program that we worked on like a proper campaign. From targeting to communications to call to action. We gave a clear reason for people to sign up and ensured that we had a ‘settling in period’ to ensure that those who opted in stayed engaged.

Very good indeed.

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