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Noun or verb

Interesting debate on whether ‘verbing’ a brand is good or not.

I recall in my early years in marketing the story of how xerox took issue with people who called photocopying, xeroxing. Since there have been many examples all the way to googling where customers have made generic verbs of a brand name.

And in the case of Twitter they have even created a new verb..tweet, which is not part of the brand lingo.

There seems to be more support for this move coming from a ‘common sense’ than a legal point of view. Common sense dictates that the more people use your brand name in conversation the stronger it gets.

And with growing customer conversations, it is impossible to tell customers what they should and shouldn’t do. The important thing is to guide and manage the conversations so that they are used in the right context and enhance it.

The change in the trend is interesting and I like it. verb

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