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The sentence

This article on Obama’s leadership is quite thought provoking. The author proposes  the concept of THE SENTENCE.

She suggests that great leaders are summed up by a sentence.  And this sentence is what they should focus their efforts on and reinforce.

Given all the challenges faced by Obama, the sentence is getting complicated and that is showing in the president’s poll numbers.

Does this sound familiar?

Yes this is exactly what, we in the the marketing world, do when we refer to brands.

All strong brands stand for something. One thing. And they communicate that clearly, consistently.

Consumers get it and that reflects in brand health and strength.

Then brands, in an attempt to grow, or worse because of new management, decide to add to their sentence, confusing consumers and prospects. And this then shows up in market share.

Be it a leadership style or a brand it is vital to write that Sentence, pin it on the wall and stay true to it.

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