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Saying thank you

This post reminded me of my recent experience with HSBC.

First the post. Ardath Albee, the author reminds us all about those two words. Thank You.

I think some of it has to do with the growing culture around. With short attention spans and devices that conspire to make it shorter, everything is down to the absolute bare essentials. Thank You is not essential.

We know from experience that a Thank You goes a long way in reinforcing a relationship. Personal or Official.

Reminds me of a simple thing that an ITC hotel in Delhi did.

What is the most common, ubiquitous thing you see in all hotels? The templated..”Every day thousands of gallons of water are used in washing hotel linen. If you’d like to reuse your towel hang it up. Towels on the floor will be replaced”. Or words to that effect. Even the words used in all hotels are the same. It is now like wall paper. And sometimes I put my towel up and it still goes into the laundry. Just makes a mockery of the system.

Some hotels go a bit further and talk about bed linens as well. Basically if you want the linens replaced, put a card on the bed. Else they will only make the bed.

So in this hotel in Delhi, I don’t put the card on the bed, as I didn’t want the linen to be replaced. I come back in the evening, and there’s a thank you card from the hotel for reusing the linen. So simple right? I remember it to this date. It is the only hotel that has ever done that.

Thank you so powerful.

And with email and SMS, so cheap too.

Wonder why more brands don’t say it.

Wonder why more people don’t say it.

Maybe there’s a connection.

And I will talk my HSBC story another day.

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