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Web analytics

The promise of the web is/was that there will be a ton of data to be analysed. And many companies are doing precisely that.

While there is the advertising side of it where banner impressions, click throughs etc are measured.

The other big chunk has to do with on-site analytics.

What do people do once they come to the site, and how can they be persuaded to buy.

The pioneers in this were Amazon.com of course. In hind sight it seems so simple right? Correlation. People who bought x may be interested in y because so many other people did the same.

Analytics has evolved a lot since then.

This article shares a couple of examples where, based on time of day/week or previous shopping process, the site experience is modified. This is extremely heavy lifting from a data stand point.

I think the field of web analytics is very nascent and there is a lot of magic awaiting on the path forward.

The big road bump will be of course, one of privacy.

Where is the line that a marketer should not cross that gets him/her into forbidden land?

The big assumption in analytics is of course that consumers are rational shoppers.

There are many decisions I have made that were impulse, and some of these are not of the low value variety either.

So analytics while a crutch, cannot become the wheelchair!!

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