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Why CIOs must be on Twitter

This is a great article targetted at CIOs on the value of Twitter for a company.

Amidst all the buzz and hype around Twitter, I believe a key constituent has been overlooked. The CIO.

Quite clearly a company embarking on any social media strategy needs to have suitable IT deployment in place and it is vital that the CIO buys into the plan. ( I read a related article which featured interview with CMOs of telcos. Their feedback is that there is a total disconnect between the marketing department and the IT function resulting in poor acquisition and retention and creation of silos. )

This piece with examples a wide spread as Mayo clinic, Pepsi  and a winery in Australia among others clearly demonstrates the business benefits to a company that has a Twitter strategy.

He ends by saying a CIOs role is not just IT strategy, but IT as it enhances business strategy.

Great read.

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