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Free to build brands

Chris Anderson, the editor in chief of Wired, and author of the best seller, The Long Tail, recently released his second book. Free : The Past and Future of a Radical Price.

In this interview Chris explains his perspective of Free and how brands can and should exploit it to take advantage of the Internet era of marketing.

There is no question that with the advent of the Internet there are a lot more free services out there. This is good up to a point. But a combination of information overload and free options leads to consumer confusion. Especially, as consumers have less time to absorb all that is thrown at them, let alone digest and reach a sensible conclusion.

In such a situation brands become even more more important as is the role of communications to be single minded to communicate quickly and clearly.

To that end I think Chris is not extremely clear on his POV. Of course I say this, purely on the basis of his interview.

His book is in my To- be- read pile!!

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