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Is branding irrelevant?

As per this post by Dr Fou of Omnicom it is not just irrelevant, it’s irritating, ineffective and impotent.

Through a variety of examples he goes on to prove that he is confusing branding with awareness and therefore led down a path where he makes some valid points but against the wrong subject.

There is no question that awareness is meaningless unless it leads on to preference and action. But even that is not enough.

Branding today is ‘the art and science of staying continually relevant to your customer’. That is my definition.

Be it American Express or that small store around the corner. They both need branding.

The comments in response to Fou’s blog open out the big debate.

PS: Apparently Fou in French means ‘mad man’. Apparently.

And here’s a neuroscience response to the above post..

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