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But it’s not babble

In response to a Pear Analytics survey that said that 40% of all tweets was pointless babble, here’s an interesting perspective that suggests Twitter is like being in a coffee shop, but a coffee shop where you control where you control who else is there.

So you decide who’s conversation you want to follow and who you want to ignore.

If you are expecting marketing implications of the essay, you’ll be disappointed.

It is just a contrarian point of view suggesting that twitter is not such a waste of time after all and can have anthropological value.

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  1. sarah
    August 19, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    The beauty of it is that it IS 40% babble. Just like in real life. This means that Twitter has not yet been taken over by corporations or spammers. It’s is still a true social networking platform.
    People should be rejoicing.

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