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2 in 1 employers screen social media profiles

This article refers to a survey conducted in the US where 45% of employers said they conduct social media searches of prospective candidates. Another 11% plan to do so.

The top four places searched were Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter.

35% of those who searched did not proceed with hiring a candidate because of what they found. Top 3 reasons to disregard are

1. Candidate posted provocative or inappropriate photographs

2. Candidates posted content about them drinking or using drugs

3. Candidates bad mouthed clients or colleagues

The article further talks about what employers do look for in social media profiles and what a potential employee should do to ensure her/his social media activity does not come in the way of the next job.

So it seems Facebook which is seen as a ‘social’ ie between friends is going to get more ‘formal’. Or those privacy settings are going to be used big time.

  1. September 5, 2009 at 9:01 am

    Sorry for my bad english. Intresting title. It attracted me to read the complete post. Thanks

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