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Singapore Airlines from MM Lee

A few weeks ago I was watching a documentary, on one of the channels on TV, titled ‘History of Singapore’.

It is a four part series and I caught a portion covering Singapore Airlines.

The documentary featured interviews with, among others, the first CEO of the airline where he talks about the directive from the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew that SQ should be run as a business and not expect continued support or subsidy from the government.

Then there was a brief chat with LKY himself.

This is pretty much his summary of his direction to the airline.

‘An airline is often the face of a country. People see it in foreign countries and travel in it. So it is important that they have an airline as an effort to build the Singapore name’.

Then he continued .. ‘when you fly you want to relax and take your mind off the worries on the ground. So you must have a great experience in the flight. Good food. Good entertainment and good looking staff. You don’t want old tired looking people serving you. They should be young. That is why we always have staff that are good, and young’.

Now keeping aside the HR aspects of thatstatement he got to the core of the SQ brand long long ago.

And by that I mean..the word YOUNG.

As a relative frequent traveler of Singapore Airlines I find that aspect permeates every aspect of their operation.

Of course the staff is generally younger than early every other airline. Good and efficient too.

They always have the latest movies in flight.

The latest technology in the entertainment system.

First to adopt new aircraft. The latest example is the A380.

Innovative check in procedures.

The list goes on.

And we all know how strong a brand Singapore Airlines is.

Again a lesson for brand builders.

Define the brand clearly and ensure that every customer touch point stays true to that truth.

And of course testimonial to the fact that some of the smartest thinkers in Singapore, work in the government.

Singapore : Another powerful brand.

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  1. jayanth
    January 31, 2010 at 8:23 am

    you are absolutely correct!!

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