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Ready for an international assignment?

Very simple article that mentions the 5 things to bear in mind when considering an international role.

1. Consider if the move is going to help your career

2. Find a niche that the locals cannot do

3. Consider the paperwork and bureaucracy

4. Evaluate your finances

5. Know yourself

Of these I think 2 and 3 are most important to keep in mind.

Why should an employer in a foreign land be willing to pay a premium for you?

Any international transfer is hard work at the best of times. So if a skill set is available locally that is where most employers would prefer to spend their dollars. Anyone looking for an international assignment is therefore advised to do one of two things

1. Focus and develop a skill set that they believe would be of value in the market. General advertising account management skills are getting increasingly commoditised and thus hard to generate value. Digital, CRM, ROI etc are currently in favour and are likely to be for a while in the near future.

2. Look at a market where your skills would be of value. As an example a market like China was very hungry for people of servicing skills as it was a new economy market. as time has gone by, it has evolved to needing more of the specialised skills mentioned in point 1. So looking at the skills you have and identifying a market to target would be the other route.

Yes there are still the alternates driven around networking, or network agencies actively seeking to develop careers of their stars. It still requires some selling in to local country management.

So help yourself. Develop a niche strength.

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  1. Sreenesh
    October 30, 2009 at 8:08 am

    Thanks Harish. What is your forecast for strategic planners?

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