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Getting ahead in your organization

I loved this simple article that tells you 11 daily things you can do to get ahead in your organisation without playing politics!!

Here are the 11 points. Do read the article for details.

1. Nothing replaces hard work.

2. We all have a personal toolkit — know yours and how to use it.

3. It’s about teamwork, but know who is and isn’t on your team.

4. Never lose your shit — at least not in public.

5. Life is not always a box of chocolates — so decide how much you can take before you bail.

6. Humility goes a long way.

7. Individuality is to be respected — as long as you’re still part of the team.

8. Always try to add something smart to the discussion.

9. Sometimes you have to shout to be heard.

10. Have a perspective on the past, present and future.

11. Always be that ray of light in your boss’/co-worker’s day.

Two others that I would like to add to form the Lucky 13!

12. Find the good in people. It is always easy to find something wrong in a person or a situation. Sometimes people are always focused on the negative. Word gets around. Find the good, without lying. It is encouraging and motivating and again word gets around. When it does, people learn that you don’t talk evil behind another’s back and that increases their trust in you.

13. Networking. Beyond the squeaky wheel mentioned earlier, I believe people need to know you. It is a simple question of maximizing your Reach and ensuring you are Top Of Mind.  For some pointers/tips read Keith Ferrazzi’s book ‘Who’s Got Your Back‘. It’s not as breakthrough as the cover claims. But simple tips nevertheless. He also has a blog at www.keithferrazzi.com/blog.


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