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The diamond cutter and segmentation : updated..

I have been considering selling my apartment for a number of reasons. All of them to do with liquidity!!

When we bought it, a primary consideration was location. As we don’t own a car, proximity to public transport was key. Our place is a few minutes walk to a prominent MRT as well as main roads to get taxis, grocery stores, malls etc.

So, to anyone I talked to about the place, I would play this point up. After all that is exactly why I bought the place.

Recently I was talking to an estate agent who was telling me that the place was ideal for people looking to put their kids in 3 premier schools. Apparently my place is within a km of 3 good schools and in the primary section preference is given to children who live within a km of the school. He was thus consciously targetting people who were focused on these schools.

Between the two of us we were talking of the same place but two completely different sets of people. Or as the marketers would say, two different segments!

I am also currently reading a fascinating book called The Diamond Cutter by Geshe Michael Roach. He talks about the principles of Tibetan Buddhism and how he has applied to business successfully.

While the book has many interesting premises and angles one specific aspect that struck me was the portion where he says something to the effect that ‘nothing is good or bad in itself. It is you the perceiver or experiencer that brings your imprints to the situation’.

He takes the example of an irritating colleague. And says while you may find him irritating there are others who think he is great. The person is the same. But your imprint makes him irritating to you, while someone else’s finds him endearing.

As the apartment experience occurred at the same time I am reading the book I thought there was a connection. The apartment is the same. My imprint saw the location strength from a convenience point of view. The agent’s imprint saw the location as an academic advantage.

This principle could extend to any product category perhaps. A toothpaste, a car, a computer. It of itself is nothing. Or rather has no values or attributes. It is what you bring to it that gives it the value in your eyes.

And if what you bring to it, is a function of your mental imprints, then understanding those imprints is very critical.

Imprint driven segmentation. A bit simplistic perhaps but maybe deeper connections can be found on suitable application of the mind. My mind!

I wonder therefore if segmentation will one day require a study of imprints and communication will need to recognise those imprints and work within those boundaries.

  1. Satish
    December 8, 2009 at 9:32 am


    I guess its a nice thought your have out there. Understanding imprints and putting a scale on to it and then figuring out where on the scale most imprints concentrate at, would be an insight of sorts in itself.

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