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Why the Heineken client will fail!

I was watching the Heineken walk-in fridge commercial and was quite shocked that the client had approved it for production.

Some of the things I noticed, that any normal client would have picked up.

Party : What kind of party was it? If people are being taken around it must have been a house warming party. But if you see the guys in the fridge, they are dressed in really grubby clothes. There is a clear contradiction in this.

Size : The walk in fridge looks about 15ft by 10ft. Yet if we see the beer bottles, there doesn’t seem to be too many. Why do we need that island in the middle? It takes away from beer storage space. There should be just enough space  for a guy to stand in and reach for the beer.

Crediblity : How is it possible that the guy could build this whole walk in fridge without his wife knowing about it? Given all the plumbing and electrical wiring involved. Surely she’d have known when it was being built. The premise lacks credibility.

Enjoyment : It is the beer drinking that makes people happy. Not the fact that there is a walk in fridge. There should have been a shot of the guy drinking the beer and then they all clap in excitement. This is not an ad for Haier refrigerators after all!

Global : This commercial clearly will not work in any Asian country. We have to show Japanese in the commercial in Japan, and Chinese for China etc .

I am amazed such basic stuff was overlooked by the client and this commercial was approved.

Luckily the consumers seem to like it and have thus saved his job. This time round.

He (could it be a she?) may not be so lucky next time.

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