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2010 : Opportunities, business drivers

With the new year on us here are a few articles on what we can expect to see in the coming year.

Top 10 business opportunities in the coming year.

Steve Tobak, the author of this article, suggests these as industries that are likely to grow in the coming year.

  1. Green power.
  2. The senior market.
  3. Discount retail.
  4. Local business.
  5. Higher Education.
  6. Parental outsourcing.
  7. Health and wellness.
  8. Texas.
  9. Affordable alcohol.
  10. Pets.

No real surprises in that list is there?

While the lists will vary by market, I think one huge continually growing opportunity is the mobile phone space.

I also think there is opportunity in the travel industry. With so many more people traveling, be it for fun or work, that is an industry that will rebound from 2009 and will see some innovation in the coming years.

10 leadership drivers for 2010

Here’s an article on what will drive business this year

The economy



Social responsibility and the environment

Change as a way of working

Customer focus

Simplicity of process and structure

Performance and engagement



So there you go, my first post of the new year. Identifying the opportunities and the drivers that will guide success.

Wishing you a very very successful year.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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