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Brands as media

Came upon this great post by Brian Solis where he talks about Brands as Media.

He says, and I paraphrase..

Once brands react to events in the media through activities on various vehicles like FB, Twitter etc brands need to view their communications through the prism of a conversation calendar.

To this end media can be segmented into the following types

Owned media is essentially that brands. If they design it the content is theirs and they can manage what they publish within it Examples here would be web sites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts. Brands need to create such presences where their target audiences already spend their time. Actively go out and play a role in their lives.

Paid media is that bought by the media. Tends to be conventional media. And this still has a role to play in brand communications going forward. A great advantage of Paid Media is immediacy.

Earned media is the outcome of activities in Owned and Paid media. This is reflected in the blog posts, tweets etc of ones customers and prospects. Of course the great issue here is that brands have absolutely no control on this media.

Viewed in this way, brands need distinctive strategies to address each. Old models of structures and communications don’t work so well in this new context.

A good strategy earns the brand influence, just as media channels do in the ‘paid media’ world. This influence can work to the brand’s strength as it gives it control over media that historically it was subject to. And that is Nirvana for a brand where it is not dependent on what intermediaries think and communicate about them.

..end of paraphrase..

I thought it was a good article that neatly captured all the various scraps around social media, new media, old media and the ilk.

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