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Resume writing

This article here showcases what it claims to be the ten most creative resumes.

The first thing that struck me was how visual-driven they all were. Of course the fact that they were all resumes from people in art design or copy writing explains it all.

As someone who receives many CVs I am struck by how anonymous they usually are. From the paper used (if at all. So many now come electronically), to the fonts to the words. It seems very little has changed in Resume writing over the years.

No wonder there are professionals out there who specialise in Resume writing. From what I gather though their focus is on adding more words around skills of the employee and quantifying everything. Thicken the CV!

Maybe I am unusual, but I also look for personality in a Resume. Is there a spark somewhere? It may be in a person’s track record, or the words she uses or what he does or where she worked.

Anything that creates the desire to find out more.

I like the one page summary well laid out  upfront, like the headline in an ad, that interests me enough to read the whole CV.

Of course the best ever employment letter still seems to be the one below that David Ogilvy quoted in his book

“My father was in charge of the men’s lavatory at the Ritz Hotel. My mother was a chambermaid at the same hotel. I was educated at the London School of Economics”

I think my parents have been holding me back. My dad never cleaned urinals in hotels and my mom was never a chamber maid. Of course I didn’t go to the LSE either.

No point.

After all there’s no story in a letter that starts “‘My dad was an Engineer in Shell, my Mom was a scientist..”

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