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3 on leadership

Micromanagement : Good post on dealing with micro managers. In my career I have been blessed with a mix of good delegators and abdicators! I think I had one micromanaging boss. And in that instance I was able to have an open chat with him about how he could get the best out of me. And that would involve him backing off. Shortly after that he quit. So I will never know if my chat would have helped!!

Leadership at BP : Recently I was thinking about the drama around Obama and his alleged ‘lack of leadership’ over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill then this post came along. Some of the comments he’s made like ‘kick some one’s ass’, ‘would have fired him’ etc sound unleaderlike, and definitely non Obama. While I get that his audience is the vote bank, I think these words sound like a person who is not in control of the situation. From everything one has seen of him, I was expecting a more mature reaction along the lines of : First let’s jointly fix the problem. Second you need to ensure you cover our losses. Someone who just stands and shouts ie goes straight to the second step, reminds me of tales from a book on ‘How not to lead a team’. We all have seen examples of such people in organisations, and know that besides humiliating the person they are shouting that, they are not getting commitment to an improved performance!

Keeping talent : And this article mentions 6 ways to retain top talent.

They being

  • Keep them engaged
  • Assess them for future potential
  • Manage them at the corporate level
  • Place them in roles that put them in the firing line
  • Make them feel special
  • Share future strategies with them

3 articles on 3 different aspects of leadership. All good on their own!

Hope you enjoy it.

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