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Don’t they want my money?

Last month when I was in India I was quite shocked with the cost of real estate and the pace at which it was escalating. Hence I decided that I should look at some investment in that space over the not too distant future.

That led me to do a lot of on-line research either on Google or visiting property developer sites directly.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I spotted this ad in the local papers last week.

HDFC property ad

Looks good right? So I made plans to visit the fair this weekend that went by.

However I was also interested to know more before I went across. So I visited the website where I was greeted with this

Now I realised I had to pre register, and email and phone number was compulsory.

So I clicked the page shut and never did go the fair.

I imagine many thousands went anyway.

But HDFC didn’t get my money, and won’t if they go about it this way.

What they should have done was to give me some perspective on what to expect. Beyond talking range of prices and cities, at the very least mentioning developers participating would have made the fair more attractive. After all many of the buyers are as interested in the developer as they are in the price. There’s no point in enduring huge crowds to find that there’s nothing there of interest.

It’s like inviting people to ‘An evening of Indian music’, without telling them who to expect.

Then the registration process is a needless wall. Today we are all inundated with calls and emails from people trying to peddle anything from cards to…properties. I don’t need HDFC to add to the calls I ignore and emails I Trash!

I wouldn’t have minded giving my email address. But not my phone number. Do note that there is no mention of how they will use this information collected.

Rather than giving away free iPads they should have spent some time in intelligent information sharing. I am not going to go the fair for the iPad, but I would go ‘for free’ if I knew, for example, that Prestige Properties was showcasing properties in Bangalore.

Pity that simple things like this are overlooked.

Having worked with many event organisers for a while I know one of the metrics is ‘walk ins’. And what better way to get walk ins than give a freebie.

Focusing on content is hard work. And who likes hard work? That costs money. Their money.



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