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Where do you draw the line?

Last week I was having a lunch with an ex client of mine.

We were catching up about times gone by and I recalled his Facebook profile.

When he joined Facebook he had a very colourful profile page. Reading it gave a glimpse of the person and it was very true to him.

Very memorable.

I remarked about it to him and he said that he had got pulled up by his HR team for it. Apparently in an annual review he got top scores on every bit to do with performance, however his FB profile was flagged as a ‘problem’ and he was advised to tone it down.

No wonder his current profile page is bland.

Got me thinking about the ever growing impact that companies we work for have on personal lives.

It used to be that you had a dress code for when you went in to office.

Even here UBS created a stir when it sent out a dress code memo which specified hair dyes, nail polish colours and even inner wear!! While that is a case of taking things too far, it still related to what you wore when at work.

Some consulting companies extended that to what one wore when outside work. Keeping up the image. Again I see the logic in that. If you are charging $2000/hour you really cannot be seen hung over, in sleeveless T shirt and shorts even if in your time. We humans cannot compartmentalise our lives into such discrete blocks. It is the whole image that counts.

I know friends who though not under any guidance would dress well even on personal time. After all who knows when you may meet a client, or better, a prospect.

With social media exploding into this phenomenon where everyone participates new questions are being asked.

Should the decision of what you do be made by the individual or by the corporation she/he represents?

If it is the latter then social media is not really where you can be yourself.

The ‘life’ equivalent is when you are with friends at a dinner. You can be yourself and be forgiven for it!!

However, in work situations it is important to do the right thing. You are either setting an example or being watched by fellow colleagues.

I wonder if large parts of social media are now the equivalent of an office do where you do the right thing.

Working hours just got extended!


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