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Writers…do write.

Over the weekend, I picked up Ram Guha’s new book ‘Makers of Modern India‘.

It is a fascinating book and upfront he lists the criteria he used to include heroes in the book. If my memory’s right he used 3 criteria.

They needed to have done something path breaking.

Their ideas needed to be relevant today.

They needed to have written speeches/letters/books as evidence of their thinking.

On these criteria Ram was particularly disappointed that he couldn’t include Dadabhai Nowroji who met all criteria save the one on writing!

That got me thinking about writing and the sustained influence it has on people.

When I joined the business, books by David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach, Claude Hopkins etc were not just mandatory, but enjoyable too.

It taught me and made me feel proud to be in the business. These were books that clients read too and learnt about the advertising business and gained respect for the industry.

Over the last 10 years I believe we have seen another Renaissance of the advertising business.

Be it growth of new/special media


Be it impact of large markets like India/China on creative output


Growth of new advertising leaders

There’s been a sea change in the business as a whole.

Yet I have not seen much new writing about this change.

I look around and see people reading the same books that I read or newer books around Social Media.

It is a pity that the magical world of change that we live in is not being covered through some good writing about the business and the times they operate in.

Generations of people to come will miss the significance of this time and another historian like Ram will come along and say ‘There’s no writing that evidences their thinking’ and miss out on many stars in ‘Makers of Modern Advertising’.

I strongly urge the Creative Directors in the industry, most of who are writers, to write. You owe it to the next lot!

  1. April 19, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Actually it may not be so much that there isn’t anything written but that the writing is dispersed in transient media such as blogs and columns. There are people that write on adage.com. agencyfaq.com, campaign magazine who ideally should be firmly typeset and immortalised in hard copy. I guess it’s – ironically – the changes themselves that are leading to fewer books. I hope you’re writing one, Harish 🙂

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