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Quotes from Cannes

Over the week I have been at Cannes there have been some great seminars.

Below are some quotes/thoughts that have stayed with me.

In no particular order of preference


There are 4 fundamentals to success in today’s marketing environment



Consumer Insight


He also said “You can’t analyse your way to greatness”


Wants to earn a disproportionate share of popular culture.

Moving from Manufacturing Communications to Cultivating Conversations.

From first impressions to next expression.

Google : Eric Schmidt

There are more devices, operating at faster speeds in growing human networks.

The growth ahead is phenomenal

Google employees operate on the 70:20:10 principle. 70% of time on core business, 20% of time on adjacent businesses, 10% on new work.

Shareholder value is created when you build a platform for others to ride.

Try to say YES more often. It has a lot of power

Edward de Bono

Talked about a concept called ‘Excellent But Not Enough’ EBNE


  1. Seize the first mover advantage . If you don’t do it someone else will
  2. Be prolific not precious. Less 360 more 365.
  3. Act then measure replaced by listen then respond.
  4. Lobby. Don’t just tell people what you stand for. Show them.
  5. Data is the new oil. It is only useful when it is refined.
  6. Innovation, not at the cost of experience.


From John Hegarty

‘If you ask the same people the same questions the same way you get the same answers’

Some people’d rather be precisely wrong than approximately right.

The 3 Cs of modern creativity

Community, Crowdsourcing, Cocreation

Martin Lindstrom

Brands evoke as much passion as religion.

10 Commandments of Religions also applicable to brands.

Sensory Appeal

ROI is not a brand purpose


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