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Consumers and their devices

At the Cannes advertising festival BBDO and  MSFT shared a research finding from a bunch of people across US and Europe. The objective was to understand what attributes the device, through which content is received, brings in to play. ie does the device have its own attributes that could/should impact the content delivered through it.

TV : This was seen as the family member or court jester. It is always around. Is trusted. It entertains.

PC : This is the sage. It is the wise one. Vast amounts of knowledge are gained through it and is seen as a sign of education and development.

Mobile Phone : This is the lover. A mobile phone is the most intimate of devices. It knows all our secrets and is always with us.

Tablets : This is the wizard. Seemingly anything can be done by/through it. It is magical in its powers.

While interesting, I am curious to know the impact this has on content delivery.

I imagine some attributes will rub off on the content or, more importantly, the brand.

eg brands that are seen on tablets maybe seen as more contemporary/hi tech than those on TV. Perhaps. But then the kinds of brands advertised on tablets today are typically apps related save the ads within content of magazines like The Economist.

Clearly using mobile for mass communication is a no no. However, if the consumer uses it for mass activity then it is fine. eg one would never consider using the mobile to message price of broccoli. But if the consumer uses the mobile to find the price, and indeed shop as this example in Korea shows it is ok.

I think the key difference between the devices comes down to passive v/s active. Today TV is passive and thus content delivered needs to bear in mind the ‘lean back’ attitude of the consumer.

Tablets and PCs are more lean forward devices and content delivered can leverage that attribute. But use wisely coz not all that lean forward want to know more about you.

The phone is the one to be used sensitively. Here the consumer is in absolute control and she should be engaged smartly, again view the Korea case, for her to decide how she wants to be part of the brand.

Sometimes research can be interesting but not directly applicable.

IMHO of course.

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  1. July 11, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    “Not all that lean forward want to know more about you” Love that line! Deeply profound truth about about digital marketing in general.

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