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The 50s

In my younger days going out for a drink had just 1 ambience, quiet, delivered through many outlets.

There were stand alone bars, restaurants and bars in hotels. Typically the drink of choice was beer.

One went with friends and spent the evening chatting.

So be it The Library at The President or the Irani restaurant at Churchgate or Geoffreys at Marine Drive the focus was on catching up with friends.

Then something happened. Perhaps the tax structure changed or prices dropped or something else altogether. But bars discovered music systems.

Bigger the better. Louder the better.

That changed the vibe of a bar instantly. It now became a loud heaving sort of place.

Be it Indipop, or Pop, Rock or Acid Rock it was all at mind numbing decibels. And in case that was not enough they went and installed large TV screens too.

So you can watch Guns N Roses on TV and listen to Floyd on the audio. Or vice versa.

To make it interesting you could also listen to live music after, or before, a certain hour.

Seems all the bars picked up the same virus.

Literally overnight the bar changed from being a place to catch up, to a place to see and be seen.

Not that you can see much because another invention had made its way in to the place. Dimmers. Now lights were down to candle level lighting meaning you can’t read the menu, let alone see who was serving you. I think the staff wear black just to trick you too!!

And no matter where in the world you go to the formula is the same. Loud music, low lights and staff in black!

The ability to have a conversation over drinks has diminished unless you are willing to shout.

Last month this came home when a few of us went out for a drink to chat.

And I wondered if there wasn’t an opportunity for an elegant bar which played decent music that was in the background, modest lighting and brought back the art of the drink conversation.

Come in. Order your drink. Sit on these comfy sofas. And catch up with your friends.

I’d call it The 50s, coz it looks like it would be appreciated mostly by people who were hovering around that age.

Perhaps it’s another idea whose time has come!!

Will let you know after I bounce it off some friends over drinks..at home where I manage the music and the lighting!!

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  1. August 18, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    Reading your blog, I was searching for a word: Mellow. I guess age has a wonderful effect on the surroundings we live in. It inspires a certain quality of appreciation. Slowing things down to levels that we can truly enjoy. When hormones are raging, the need for the loud, the quick, the gut-churners are hormonal. The endocrine system bedevils the brain to sponge up life as if its energy would end tomorrow. It takes a while for the brain to charge, a process we call aging! It slowly begins to teach us the essence of bacchanalian and harmonic stimuli lies in allowing the nerve impulses to radiate in hidden corners of our body. That evokes a sense of pleasure that dulls the chaotic. Indeed the mellifluous rhythm of the 50’s is what all human beings eventually resonate with!

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