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Messi, Dravid, Brands

A few weeks ago Lionel Messi was in India and like everywhere he goes the nation went crazy.

Thousands were at the airport, outside his hotel and of course to watch a friendly with Venezuela.

Messi and team, of course, won the match.

Last week Rahul Dravid, one of India’s top cricket players retired.

Rahul’s had a great career studded with many superlative innings. He is called The Wall for his stability.

On his last day in international cricket 2 of my friends co incidentally posted the same word as a tribute to him. Respect.

And Rahul did always command respect.

But, and I say this at the risk of great controversy, was not ‘liked’ like a Messi.

Some players are great and are treated with greatest respect. Rahul is an example.

Some players are great and are loved. Messi is an example.

There is no decrying their ability and talent. They play at a higher level. They do very well. They achieve great global success.

But there is a difference.

I see many brands in the same space. Brands that are great. Brands that do well. Brands that succeed.

Yet there are some brands that we love. And some that we respect.

The difference between the love and respect is, I think, respect needs to be earned each time and is less forgiving. Love is unconditional.

Nike we love.

Coke we love.

Ferrari we love.

Old Spice we love.

If marketers wanted to be the Messi in their category would they take a different approach to trying to be a Rahul?

Does the magic come in being a Messi?


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  1. meera
    September 20, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    sorry to narrow this down to advertising. There are some brands that I would rather respect than love. And vice versa…i am taking success as a given.

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