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All activity, is not good activity

Earlier this week I was on a red eye flight.

Less than 3 hour flight but thanks to time differences that would take care of the night, and I was really looking forward to a shut eye.

As the safety video player prior to take off, I heard that dreaded sound of business travellers around the world.

A baby crying.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like children. I have one of my own. I have flown with my kid, and with other kids on several flights over the years.

Anyone who is a parent knows that kids get uncomfortable on a flight, and it peaks at take off and landing. Firstly the lights are switched off and then the change in air pressure creates ear aches.

The only way to over come that pain is to balance the pressure by swallowing, hence why airlines used to give something to suck on once you board.

These parents were trying to quiet the child by shushing and singing lullabyes. Obviously, nothing worked as the child just screamed till the flight reached its normal flying altitude. While, I felt really bad for the baby, I couldn’t help but think about the parents who were ill informed, and therefore, ill prepared.

In my interactions with marketers I have frequently faced similar marketers who feel the need to do something in the hope that it will solve whatever problem they are facing.

We need a promotion.

We need an event.

The most common one is ‘We need a Christmas campaign’.

Seldom is thought given to the need for this activity.

What business problem are they trying to solve? Is it customer acquisition? Is it retention? Is it a share of wallet exercise?

Or is it just ‘let’s do something, because if we don’t we’ll be accused of being lazy and callous’

It is an astute marketer that doesn’t panic when faced with a sudden situation and feels that she/he needs to do something.

Pause, understand what the threat/opportunity is, does it open a new window of attack that can be exploited and then act. This doesn’t need to take weeks or even days. It just needs someone who is well informed and patient enough to do the what -if analysis and then move.

‘Let’s do something’ is just a waste of effort and valuable resources. Not to mention aggravation all around.

Going back to the baby I referred to at the start of this blog. Imagine if you were the baby. Your ears are aching and your parents are trying to put you to sleep.

Not all activity, is good activity.


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