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Create talkability in your communications

A friend of mine called it a ‘snoozefest’ but far more people had referred to it as a ‘must see’. I even have 2 copies of the book as a ‘must read’. Finally last evening, I settled down down to watch ‘The life of Pi’.Image

And yes it was a snoozefest. Very beautiful looking snoozefest. This is not the place for a debate on my view. I merely state this here to make a point, which I will come to shortly.

Yesterday, I also read that that fellow, Psy’s second video called Gentleman had already racked some 100 Mn views on YouTube. Image No I have not been tempted to watch it yet, though one day, no doubt, I will succumb. I have no doubt that much of the viewing is because you read about it. I think he got 10 mn views in a week and the media was abuzz with that fact. Then, I think I read someplace about the meaning of ‘Gentleman’.

I mention the above 2 instances because it reinforces a basic point that is of great relevance to marketers today. Talkability.

If people talk about your brand, or your communications it gets more people interested and thereon engaged with what you have to say.

While quite a few marketers have latched on to it and I think Coke refers to it as ‘Liquid and Linked’ most are still stuck on ‘let’s create a great ad’ and put a lot of money behind it.

Not for a second do I decry the value of a great piece of communication. I think if you have something interesting to say, people will reach out to know more or at worst, remember it.

However, the important and smart thing to do is to get people to talk about what you’re doing. To my mind this is not the same as ‘viral it’ on social media. Of course social media has a role to play but there needs to be a strategy that encompasses all media.

When creating your brand story make sure you’ve thought of interesting titbits about it that you believe you can then sprinkle into media channels that creates talkability. The ‘titbit’ thinking needs to happen upfront making it easier than trying to do it post everything being done.

I was having a conversation with a research agency that does brand tracking. Among the various aspects they research advertising is one section, and they do the ‘noting and liking’ testing as usual. My advice to them was to also include a ‘talkability’ score.

It’s not enough for your consumers to notice and like your communications. They should talk about it too.

Talkability achieves 3 things.

1. Greater engagement from those who talk about it.

2. Greater credibility for those who hear about it from their friends.

3. Lower media spends as reach is achieved through your consumers.

So the next time a client briefs an agency or an agency creates a piece of communication, apart from all other measures, also check for talkability.

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  1. April 22, 2013 at 10:43 am

    ‘Talkability’ – good concept Harish!

  2. Anand Ingle
    April 23, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    Dear Sir,

    Very nice article indeed. Just one doubt. Isn’t it a threat in it self, talkability?

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