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Brand rituals to build loyalty?

When I take the clothes out of the washing machine, before I put them on the drying line, I ‘snap’ the item in question and hang it out to dry.


Well it is a reflex action, based on what I saw when I grew up and seeing my mother do. Maybe you do it, maybe you don’t.

Similarly there are numerous rituals that I perform nearly unknowingly because that’s what I have done for years.

How I make my coffee.

How I make my bed.

When I read the papers.

etc etc

The thing about rituals is that once they are ingrained in you, they are extremely hard to shake off.

Linking this back to marketing and the world of brands that we live in today, I think precious few brands invest in creating rituals.

Looking back to the growing years, there were toothpastes, soaps, dish washers, televisions, cars etc. But they were all brands.

And the thing about many brands that we grew up with, is that we outgrew them as they were linked to the time gone by. Those were brands chosen by ones parents, not by one self.

Colgate seems to be the one exception that somehow for all its fuddy duddiness has manged to cut across age groups and generations.

So we were pretty quick to ‘discard’ brands that we grew up with.

Even brands we then tried as adults, often, came and went with little emotional attachment.

Looking at this I wondered if there was a way to link rituals with brand loyalty. If one grew up associating a ritual with a brand then would it be a way to have loyalty for longer?

This blog doesn’t have directions or recommendations but wondering aloud if that was possible.

For example going back to my clothes drying solution when I snap the clothes before drying, if the action released a fragrance would I associate the action with a brand and would it strengthen my loyalty?

If turning on the TV emits a little tune like the intel/airtel sign off would it ingrain that sound in my brain that as I grow up it is a sound I associate with entertainment?

Of the brands that I am aware of Corona stands out as a brand with a clear ritual of a wedge of lime inserted in the bottle top.Image

I don’t know. I am just thinking if there’s anything worth exploring in that area.

Sure would be a rich vein to research.

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