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It’s always the little things

Many, many years ago I was switching between channels, on TV, and I saw a footballer making an amazing run down the flanks and give a precise pass to a player in the circle to help him score a beautiful goal. The player was Kanu. And I became an Arsenal fan. Anyone who follows the EPL/BPL will tell you, Arsenal are one of the most frustrating teams to follow. They play brilliantly on some days. and on many other days, they are just rubbish.

Fast forward many years and I was sitting at a bar in some anonymous airport in the US and mindlessly watching the rerun of a basketball game. And I got mesmerised by a young player who seemed to do as he willed on court. I watched the entire game and since then have been a fan of last year’s ’employee of the year’. Image

In more recent times, I was starting my new job and after landing up I discovered my boss, who was supposed to be available to welcome me to the organisation was off for the day, without so much as a say so, and now that I had shown up a hasty set of meetings with people who didn’t know who I was, and why I had joined was set up.

And even more recent times, I was in a week long set of workshops with a big client. Every afternoon we’d go to the office lunch room and grab a bite. A pantry staff member would come up and enquire what we wanted to drink. Mine was a standard ‘bottle of water’. By day 3 without asking I would get my bottle of water served by the staff member, smilingly.

That’s how we experience the world and vice versa. In little things.

The smile. Holding the door open for the person behind you. Stopping to let people cross the road. And so on.

Yet in the rush of life it is these little things that are forgotten.

Surely, we don’t need many ads to tell us ‘Don’t text while at the table’ or ‘Don’t text when you are with others’, Yet we see it all around us including in meetings and even one on ones!!. Inspite of some great, widely shared ads.

It’s the same with brands. It’s not the million dollar commercial or the Cannes awards that defines your brand.

It’s that smiling, patient blue T shirted guy behind the genius bar.

It’s the guy who fills petrol in your car and asks ‘Can I check your oil and water?’

It’s the air hostess who asks you ‘Can I get you something to read?’

It’s the printed price without ‘local taxes extra’

It’s the big prize without ‘terms and conditions apply’

It’s the hoarding that is still advertising an event that got over months ago.

It’s the response to a message on the FB page of your brand.

It’s irritating. And painful. Because there are so many little things that a brand has to be on top of.

But it’s these little things that decide whether you’ll get a fan for life, like me inspite of The Heat being blown away in Game 3 of the NBA finals a few hours ago, or someone who is transacting, till something better comes along.

Easy or Hard. That’s the choice you got to make.

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