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Building Your Personal Brand : Do, Say, Know, Mystery

We come into this world as products, or by-products, and over time we become brands.

Our name, the way we act, the things we do all define us.

For some of us this happens ‘unconsciously’. ie we go about doing what we want to do and the ‘brand’ is a happy outcome.

And there are those who actively seek creating their own personal brands.

I have generally thought there were three ways, or combinations there of, to build your brand.

DO brand : This is where your brand is created by what you do. Companies you build. Books you write. Stores you run. Games you play and so on. Your brand is defined entirely by what you have done. Some examples of brands in this category would be Jobs. Messi, Woods, Walton and so on.Image

SAY brand : This is where your brand is created by what you say. Words have a great power and one’s ability to provide advice, sound bytes, critiques on what others do is of great value. Journalists, essayists, columnists are obvious examples. Ram Guha, Krugman and so on would be in this space.Image

KNOW brand : This is a relatively new way to build your brand. This is based on people you know. You are as strong as your network. Many names come to mind, but I shall refrain in case the people I name think there are in one of the above categories. Typically, lobbyists fall in this category. Image

No one way is worse or better than the other though it is easy to pass moral judgements on the latter. But they are all legitimate ways to build your own personal brand. They all add value and are built on an intrinsic inner product strength.

If you are imaginative and have a gung ho spirit for example you would be likely to fall in the DO brand category.

If you are persuasive and have a way with words you would probably be a SAY brand.

If you are charming, have a high tolerance level for people of all types then KNOW brand would come easily to you.

And of course there are combos. Jobs being a great example of that. And there are several others.

What I have seen recently is the emergence of a new type of brand. I haven’t got a name for it yet but for sake of this article will call it the MYSTERY brand.

In this category are a bunch of people who become brands for doing nothing other than showing up and saying vacuous things, if at all. Good looks help, but not mandatory. Being shameless is a big strength as you need to be able to be fearless about saying things that maybe stupid and reveal your self but you do it with confidence. What catches on and propels them to becoming a brand is a MYSTERY. Hence the name. Obvious examples are Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and many other emerging stars on facebook and twitter among other social media channels.Image

With everyone becoming a publisher now I wonder if MYSTERY brands will be the biggest category of brands over the coming year and further if we’ll see the demise of the pure DO brand.


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