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Staying Postive

Many years ago I was in a training program and the trainer, the venerable R Sridhar drew something like this on the board and asked us to comment on it.


The comments were along the lines of

The wheels are too big
The handles are too short
The metal will make it hot etc

After a few minutes he stopped us and pointed out that everything we said was negative.
And so it was.

We were taught to find the positive first and then point out the faults.

I see that every day in my meetings. You show a piece of work to a client and everyone leaps to the problems with it. It is a hard task to then bring people back to a neutral point.

Our then CEO Shelley Lazarus was the master at focusing on the good.

When my daughter went to an international school all her reports on everything in school was always positive and encouraging.

It is a different approach to feedback.

And as I read my FB newsfeed full of people criticizing the new CM of Delhi. He is a breath of fresh air to politics. He is new to the game however. He is 2 days old yet rather than offering advice or support or even willing to join his party the arm chair critics are out in full force.

There is one brave man who actually joined the party to make a difference. I salute you Subhas. Warrier.

Whatever else I do in 2014, I resolve that I will be positive and hope the year turns out to be the same for everyone.

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