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Doctor! Doctor! I need an ad


“Doctor, I have a headache. Can you give me something for it?” “Come here. Sit down. Let me polish your teeth.”

“Doctor my daughter’s broken her arm. Can you please fix it urgently?” “Do you want it done quick or do you want it done well?”

“Doctor my wife’s in labour. I think we need to come in now.” “Yes abolutely. We’ll perform her keyhole surgery right away.”

Ridiculous you say? True. You wouldn’t hear that conversation in a hospital.

But I have heard it often in the business I am in.

Just last evening someone from my team asked a colleague for a job that was required urgently for a client. “I need 2 days to do it”, was the response, as she turned around to complete her facebook surfing. A job that would take 30 minutes max. This kind of stuff amazes me.

Imagine you went to a pizza place and asked for a slice of pizza and you are told ‘ Oh can you come back next week?’

There’s a customer. He has the money. You are a pizza place. You  give the customer what he wants. and it better be good, because that’s your job. Making good pizzas. In fact that’s your only job.

As I thought about yesterday’s incident I realised that an agency is like a hospital.

A hospital has an A&E Section. You never know what emergency will come through the door. So there is a system to process the incoming patients. It is manned by specialists. And all cases get top notch service. In double quick time.

The hospital also has a Casualty Ward. This is for the more minor aches and pains. The doctors generally tend to be GPs. They can help fix the problem. Turn you out pretty quick. And don’t cost a lot.

And then there are the special sections like Gynecology, Pediatrics, Heart etc. This is where serious stuff gets done. These are manned by veterans. They take their time. No real emergencies come here. This is more long term solution oriented.

The advertising agency is exactly the same.

We get urgent jobs, which could be small or big.

We get the everyday jobs.

We get big important campaigns.

We need a system that identifies and marks these out separately and deals with them accordingly.

Some agencies have set up divisions to deal with the smaller jobs. However, these shops always run the challenge of getting good quality talent. And just because is a job is small, it doesn’t mean a shoddy job can be done on it.

Everyone wants to play in the big campaign space because that is where the fame and fortune lie.

Rare is the agency that can specialise in that space and only do that kind of work. Just like there are few hospitals that do only the mega surgeries. I am pretty sure the Drogas and Weidens do retail posters as well.

Achieving the balance is important.

Perhaps there is something to be learnt from the medical business in streamling the work so that clients get what they want, when they want and of a high quality. When I say what they want I don’t mean giving them the creative they want, rather giving them the solution they need for their problem at hand.

Now I need to go get that job out today by distracting my colleague from her facebook!



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