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The power of research

Recently I was reading a book called ‘Top of the Rock’. TOP OF THE ROCK cover.grid-4x2

It’s a story about the creation of Must See TV on NBC. Worth a read to understand how the TV business works.

In the book the author refers to the creation of Seinfeld and I was surprised, and delighted, to read the Seinfeld Pilot Test Report:

“Jerry Seinfeld who was familiar to about a quarter of the viewers, created, on balance, lukewarm reactions among adults and teens, and very low reactions among kids. Jerry’s “loser” friend, George, who was not a particularly forceful character, actually appeared somewhat more in charge, and viewers found it annoying that Jerry needed things to be explained to him.
None of the supports were particularly liked, and viewers felt that Jerry needed a better backup ensemble. George was negatively viewed as a “wimp” who was only mildly amusing. Kessler [Kramer] had low scores but was the best of the supports—he mildly amused some twelve- to thirty-four-year-old males and reminded some of their own weird neighbors.

Learning that testing is not always what it is claimed to be.
Probably most important that there is clarity on what is being tested.

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