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What’s your story?


Today I saw the trailer of a movie called Shamitabh.

This reminded me of something I read about the conception of the movie.

Apparently Balki, the director of the movie, came up with the idea while stuck in a traffic jam to Amitabh Bachchan’s house. Once he reached there he told him the story, and Amitabh agreed on the spot. Now I am sure there is embellishment to that story but the basics struck a chord with me.

What did Balki say to Amitabh at a party that not just communicated the story but got him excited enough to say yes?

That is the kind of story telling we need on our brands every day.

Our consumers are like Amitabh at a party. They are amidst a lot of noise. Some of it enjoyable. They are going about their lives. And along comes someone saying ‘ hey got a minute? I have something to tell you’.

Does your brand, or you, have such a story?

If you do victory is yours.

And here is the link to the trailer: SHAMITABH.

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