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Is it worth the effort?

In any Indian city, you are unlikely to see a car with no scratches or dents. It seems to be the price to pay for car ownership.

Everyone, except me.

Our car is 2 months old and has been pretty much unscathed.

Till today. At a traffic light, a car whose driver was engrossed on his phone scratched our car and got away in the traffic.

Now I have a car with that little mark.

Raising the Q. Do I go get it fixed or let it be thinking it’s a small thing and anyway in a few days it will pick up another one.

It’s a decision that says either I am a proud car owner OR I really don’t care much about the car as it is just a utility vehicle.

Pretty much the same with brand communications.

It could just be a small typo. Or a torn down hoarding. An event which had bad sound. Or a banner that just doesn’t close.


None of these are really important on their own. Or maybe even together.

But what it says about the brand is worth considering. It is the start of brand damage. And as a proud brand owner what it says about the manager and the company is telling.

So is it worth the effort?

Each to its own, but my car’s going to the garage this week to get buffed and shiny again.

No effo

  1. January 20, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    How smartly you have explained your analogy between a small car Scratch and brand damage is very interesting..its a sound reminder that small things do have big impact….. its just a matter of perspective. Thank you for sharing.

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